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Lancaster County , Pennsylvania, United States
I'm an artist and film maker who lives on a secluded wooded compound in Central Pennsylvania.

Wednesday, July 17, 2019



Sunday, April 28, 2019


I am a mixed media and multimedia artist who lives in a secluded wooded compound in Central Pennsylvania.

Thus far, my life's work has been a dogged pursuit of a complicated vision, using whatever materials that I've had on hand at the time. A vision not dissimilar to an organic machine whirling and churning and sucking in every dream, experience and relationship that I've ever had, producing a panoramic free associated array of ideas, shapes and colors. This vision has morphed over the years to include not only 2D drawings and paintings but sculptures, videos and esoteric sound projects that I've burned onto cassette tapes.

There's one thing that I'm unapologetic about and that is, I make art purely for myself and the sheer joy and therapy of making it. I need to make art like I need to breathe air or drink water or engage in any other vital human bodily function.

And to all of my brave loyal followers who have kept tabs on me and all of my madness throughout the years, I value you and I urge you to hold on tight because we still have an action packed road trip ahead.

Jon Strattan A.K.A. Strattanpossum, Possum Ranch 2019