Welcome folks to the wonderful world of bottom feeding record collecting! The purpose of this blog will be to survey the modest collection of lp records and cassettes that I've been easily able to acquire at local thrift shops and flea markets in my area of Central Pennsylvania, paying an average of fifty cents to a dollar a piece for them. For the most part my posts will focus on obscure and lesser known artists from the fifties all the way through the eighties, as well as bizarre oddities from private press and budget labels and whatever the heck else catches my fancy for one reason or another.

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Jonny L & Sax Appeal!

Fifties Medley

                                  One In A Million

Jonny L Plays it my way
Jonny L & Sax Appeal
Estate Records ATS-540

Great lounge record and group!

Monday, August 4, 2014

Those Were The Days

                                                                                                                        Deep River

Those Were The Days
Randy Scott & His Orchestra
Crown Records CST 576

Monday, May 26, 2014

Hubert Smith and the Coral Islanders

                                                                                                             It Doesn't Hurt To Be Friendly

It Doesn't Hurt To Be Friendly
Hubert Smith and Coral Islanders featuring George Smith
Edmar Records ELPS 1154

                                                                                   Hubert and George Smith with group from St. Agnes Academy

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It Takes A Happy Man

                                It Takes A Happy Man

                           Wreck Of The Old Ninety Seven

It Takes A Happy Man
Blue Ridge Quartet
Blue Queen Records 1102

from the back cover :

The first song on side 2 of this album  is "Wreck Of The Old Ninety Seven" sung by Elmer (dear old Dad) Deloach, one of the two bus drivers of the Blue Ridge. Dad is well known for his many, many years as a professional driver for another quartet. Dad can always be seen standing behind the record rack of the Blue Ridge with a big smile.

Scary?...Or Scary Funny And Bizarre?!

                       Adolf Hitler (The London Philharmonic)
                               La Paloma (101 Strings)

a varied program of Stereo Dynamics! To Scare Hell Out Of Your Neighbors
Somerset SF-11400

By far, the thing that will scare the hell out of your neighbors the most about this record is its erratic choice of musical selections. This LP has it all! from classical, jazz and exotica, to easy listening and the creeping uneasy feeling that something unspeakably horrible could occur at any moment... Terrific old oddball cult record if you can find it!

The Wolford-Alwardt Trio

                            We're Not Home Yet, Children

Joy, Real Joy
Wolford-Alwardt Trio
master tape engineered by WM. "Bill" Reagle 6014N2
Date Unknown

Pictured left to right are : Naomi Alwardt playing the accordion and singing high tenor, Evangelist Grace Wolford playing the Spanish guitar and singing alto, and Esther Wolford singing the low lead.

An Accordion Moment With : The Ray Clodoveo Accordion Orchestra

                                  On The Road Again

On The Road Again
Ray Clodoveo Accordion Orchestra
Baldwin Sound Productions, Mechanicsburg, Pa.

from the back cover :

The group has performed in many places in Central Pennsylvania at such places as Hershey Park, Hotel Hershey, Host Inn and the Penn Harris Motor Inn.
All the members of the Accordion Orchestra live in the Harrisburg and Lebanon Pennsylvania areas.