Welcome folks to the wonderful world of bottom feeding record collecting! The purpose of this blog will be to survey the modest collection of lp records and cassettes that I've been easily able to acquire at local thrift shops and flea markets in my area of Central Pennsylvania, paying an average of fifty cents to a dollar a piece for them. For the most part my posts will focus on obscure and lesser known artists from the fifties all the way through the eighties, as well as bizarre oddities from private press and budget labels and whatever the heck else catches my fancy for one reason or another.

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Sunday, December 8, 2013



The Calvary Chords (The John E. Yoder Family)
recorded at James K. Hodgkins, Reading, Pa. CC5 7129-B
Date Unknown


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    1. LOL! I know, that cover really hits it out of the ballpark. It ties in nicely with the concept too. I'm sure that it was more money to produce, but well worth it!